Podge and Rodge

Before editing on the wiki, you need to read this:

  • Rule N°1: Admins and Bureaucrats can only edit the main page and add rules to this wiki.
  • Rule N°2: Do not vandalize the pages with cursing, inappropriate images, etc. because you will get blocked.
  • Rule N°3: Do not create a page about something that does not exist because it will be deleted and you will get blocked.
  • Rule N°4: Do not put anything that is not related to horses or its stuff on content pages or create a nonsense page that is nothing about horses because you will get blocked.
  • Rule N°5: Do not edit others user pages because you will get blocked.
  • Rule N°6: You can also put drawings, scans or photos of books or parts of it or paintings that is only related to horses or it's stuff.
  • Rule N°7: Do not create another page that has similar information of a other page because it will confuse the others between pages and will cause the new page redirected to the original page.
  • Rule N°8: You may use the following categories on pages:
  1. Breed
  2. Color
  3. Equine Sports
  4. Horse Care
  5. Riding
  6. Miscellaneous
If in a page is marked on a category that doesn't exist in the list above, the category will be removed from the page and warned. If it continues, you will be blocked.
  • Rule N°9: You need to login before contributing the wiki because two anonymous have made two pages that are deleted and they has gone blocked because breaking rule n°4.


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