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WikiHorses is a comprehensive database of information about horses and horse-related topics since May, 2007 that anyone can edit.

Before editing, you need to read the rules.

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Podge and Rodge
 Grooming: To groom a horse,you need a few essential things.
  • Curry Comb -Using this,you brush in circles.
  • Brush- Start at the front of the horse work your way back/down.
  • Hoof Pick - Pinch the back of the horses leg,and pick it up. Work around the "V" Formation (Frog) in the horses hoof and work outwards.
  • Mane & Tail comb -Start at the bottom to get knots out and work your way up.

Saddles & Such

There are two main ways of Riding,English and Western.

Western,has a horn on the pommel. And is very distinct...

The English saddle is more elegant and ways much less. But does not have a horn.

Halters-Halters are usaully used when not riding,To tie a horse to groom and so on.

Lead Rope- To lead the horse.It is a piece of rope that attaches to the horses halter under the neck.

Cross Ties- Connects to the halter.Used when grooming,etc.

Do's and dont's


  • Don't EVER walk under/in front of/or in back of a horse-you could get kicked or bitten.
  • Don't yell around a horse-he could spook.
  • Don't run around a horse-again,he could spook.
  • Don't wear shorts.
  • Don't tie a horse by it's reins.
  • Don't wear sandals or go barefoot around a horse.


  • Do wear a helmet. - When falling from a horse,a head injury is the main reason of death.Or injury.
  • Do double check your tack.
  • Do mount from the left side of the horse.
  • Do wear heeled boots/shoes.
  • Do 'wear breaches or jodpers

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