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WikiHorses was founded by Swannie during May of 2007, and adopted by EinsteinBlllllllllll between October and November of 2016. With contributing we can all work together to create a bigger and better encyclopedia of horses. So we can share our knowledge of horses! You can help others learn how amazing these animals are, by just adding pages with the contribute section of the main page.

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Is Greek for middle horse. It had three toes and existed in the late Oligocene Epoch (37-26 million years ago). It was the size of a large goat and ate leaves and plains grasses. It lived in fields near thin copses of trees. It existed 35-40million years ago.


Eohippus also known as Dawn Horse or Hyracotherium, is the small animal that the modern horse and intermediate species derived from 60 million years ago in North America. Some stood only 14 inches tall. They had to swiftly run from Diatryma, their predator, and their descendants also evolved as prey to other animals; this is why horses today are very fast runners. Diatryma was a giant prehistoric bird. The first horse was about the size of a hare. It fed on shrubs, and leaves in the woodlands of Europe, East Asia, and North America 50 million years ago.