Did you know that the bigest horse is a Shire Gelding who name was Goliath and he was 76 inches and 193 cm high. Did you also know that the smallest horse is a Falabella horse and was small as 36 inches and 81 cm high. Did you also know that a Zebra and a Horse can have a foal and they are called Zebroid.

Did you know that horses are the number one animal that people love to thave as a pet at in the country they say, "A girl who say a diamond is a girls best friend never owned a horse." They also say that horse never forget people that is the same with all animals. Plus a horse riding helps with ADHD, OCD, and Sensory, and Autism people and people that is depressed. I wish that anyone who is reading this can help me start a fandom blog and also help kids who need help. So I wish that people with all kinds of disablities can have a change to conant with an animal in the way I did.

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