Before you start riding, you must check that you have the correct horse gear.


Saddles come in many different designs. English saddles are not as stocky, but less comfortable for both the rider and the horse, but not by much. These saddles can come in different kinds, like jumping, dressage, and all-purpose. They come in many shades, but mainly darker colours. Stock and Western are similar in the shape, but very few things are different. These are used generally for barrel racing, rodeos, etc. Western and Stock are commonly used for very beggining riders.


There are many types of girth, but nearly all of them do the same: hold the saddle in place without causing the horse discomfort. If the girth is not tight enough, the saddle could slip and result in injury.


Stirrups are metal triangular objects attatched to the saddle to keep your feet in. Stirrups must be used correctly, or it could result in further damage if the rider falls because the foot may stay in place.

Crupper and Breastplate

Coming soon!

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