Morgan horse-brown

Morgan Horses are America's first founding horse breed even today they remain popular for many equestrian uses. Morgan horses are good for a variety of things. They are good dressage horses, as well as pulling small carts. They were used to pull buggies in the 1800's, as well as sold in teams of two.


The Morgan Horse had a typical height of 15.2 hands. They have a bay, black, chestnut, cremello, dun, gray, palomino, perlino, roan, or a white coat color. They are athletic, strong, true, brave, and eager to please. It is originated in United States, with original characteristics: compact, solid, muscular, active and very helpful.


The first Morgan Horse ever was named Figure, but people called him "The Justin Morgan Horse" After his owner Justin Morgan a teacher,composer, and horse breeder. Figure was born in 1789 at West Springfield, Massachusetts also where Justin Morgan was born. Figure could out-trot out-pull and out-work all the other horses due to his muscular and strong body.

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