Mona Bell

An undated photograph of Mona Bell.

Mona Bell (1935-1939) was a famous Canadian race horse. Born in 1935 Mona was bread by Dr. T.H. Callahan of Toronto, Canada. She was sold to Cosgrave Stable for $1,200 (1935 CDN) and trained by Bert Alexandra.

Racing Career

Mona first raced in 1938 at 3 years of age in the 79th running of the King's Plate. Though she sprinted up to first she only managed to finish second to Bunty Lawless. However in the same year Mona the so called underdog went on to win the Maple Leaf Stakes. She also managed to beat Bunty Lawless in the Breeder's Stakes. Mona would go on later to win two handicap races in Saratoga. Perhaps her greatest acheivement was when she won the Orpen Memorial at Long Branch beating Bunty Lawless and Atchworth.

During the summer of 1939 it was announced by the trainers of Bunty Lawless and Mona that once the pair retired from the track they would be mated. This casued headlines in the Toronto newspapers.


Two months after her big victory in the Orpen Memorial Mona's life came to a sudden and tragic end. While running in Stamford Park in Canada during heavy rains she slipped and broke her leg and was euthanized. She was burried in the infield of the Niagra Falls track. Mona will always be remembered as Canada's race horse. She was inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame in 2000 61 years after her death.