There are two main kind of Markings:

Face markings

Blaze-Wide strip down the middle of the horses face.

Bald Face-A large Blaze that goes to or past the eyes,Alot of these horses also have blue eyes.

Snip-White on the muzzle (Between the nostrils)

Star-Between or above the eyes.Resembles a star somewhat.

Strip-narrow white strip down the face.

Leg markings

Stocking: White marking that extends to the bottom of the hock or knee.

Sock/Boot: White marking that goes higher then that fetlock but no higher then the hock.

Pastern:Extends to top of hoof but stops below the fetlock.

Coronet: White right about the hoof no bigger then about an inch or so.

Fun Fact!

  • People say Horses with Bald faces and Blue eyes are deaf,but that's not always true.

    This photo shows a horse with a bald face and blue eyes.

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