Horses are very demanding in terms of care and this is just the place to learn!

Basic Jobs

Some basic jobs that you need to be able to do consist of:

Grooming a horse

Horses constantly get dirty or very sweaty after riding so now it's time to wash them. Here are some ways to groom a horse!

  • When brushing a horse you need to make sure that you get ALL the dirt out and don't forget to brush their mane too!

Many tools can be used for this task, from hoofpicks to curry combs, but only a few are required. These tools are:

  • Curry comb
  • Body brush
  • Dandy brushes
  • Mane and tail brushes
  • Cloths (depending on the amount of flies in the area)
  • Sponges
  • Hoof Pick

Curry Combs

Curry combs are used to rid the horse's hair from dust and sometimes malting hair. To use these, rub in firm circles - but not too hard! These brushes come in most basic colours, and are mostly rubbery materials. Using this,you brush in circles.

Body Brush

Body brushes are generally the same as dandy brushes, but have softer bristles. After using the curry comb, there should be what you wanted to rid the coat of laying on top. To get rid of these, just groom the horse in the direction of the hair and it should stick to the brush. A tip to clean this out is to rub the brush using the curry comb. Start at the head/neck and work your way down. Using a Flicking motion.

Dandy Brush

Dandy brushes have many uses. They can be used as a body brush or as leg brushes. They have harder bristles than body brushes. These can be used to rub dirt from the legs.

Mane and Tail brushes

Start at the bottom to get knots out and work your way up.

Hoof Pick

Pinch the back of the horses leg,and pick it up. Work around the "V" Formation (Frog) in the horses hoof and work outwards.

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