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#57 Western Horse

Breyer model horses are a division of Reeves International, Inc. and their first horse debut in 1950 as the #57 Western Horse.

Production Process

Each horse is cast in a two to three piece mold. Both halves are then put together and the seams are sanded and polished. Markings and color patterns are usually obtained by using a stencil known as a mask, although most older models were airbrushed by hand, with markings such as undefined socks or a bald face merely left unpainted. Most detailing, such as eye-whites (common on 1950s and 1960s models and is now enjoying a resurgence in modern models), brands, or other individual markings are painstakingly hand-painted. Sometimes, a variation in the paint job occurs. A variation is a difference, usually in the paint job, of one or a minority of a model as they came from the factory. The reason for variations is rarely known. For example, there is a common mold typically called the Proud Arabian Stallion (abbreviated PAS by collectors). For many years it was produced by Breyer with a dappled gray coat and a gray mane, tail and hooves. However, for some unknown reason a few of these models came from the factory with black manes, tails, and hooves, and black socks or stockings. These special, rare models are considered variations of the Dapple Grey PAS model and are very valuable compared to the regular model, which is quite common.

Traditional Line

Traditional line is Breyer's most common size of horse for collectors. Breyer Fest Special runs are most commonly traditional sized, even the animals (i.e. Kodiak & Denali). There is about 150 traditional models like Nokota, Pacer, Bluegrass Bandit, Wixom, Giselle and some very unique models like Susecion are some examples of Traditional models. which all models have at least 2 models on them. Some traditionals like Polo Pony are placed into the Classic line because of their smaller size. So this doesn't happen very often, but the casting model for the Alborozo mold was broken after the 2008 celebration models were all completed and ready for shipping, making this model discontinued.

This is the only discontinued model known yet. Now the Alborozo model is only used for small quantity releases.

  • A horse on the Nokota model
  • A horse on the Pacer model
  • A horse on the Bluegrass Bandit model
  • A horse on the Wixom model
  • A horse on the Giselle model
  • A horse on the Susecion model
  • A horse on the Alborozo model (This model was broken in 2008)
  • Kodiak And Denali

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