An average horses head usaully weighs about 11.84 pounds.


Horses have 16 muscles in each ear. Which is why they can rotate their ears 180 degrees.


A horse cannot breath through it's mouth that's why you shouldn't plug his/her nose.Always make sure the noseband fits correctly.


Horses hoofs grow 0.25 each month.


An adult horses heart should have a pulse at 36 and 40 b.p.m ( beats per minute. While at rest.). It usaully weighs 10 pounds.


A horse has 206 bones.Exept for Arabian horses,who have 1 less rib,lumbar bone,and tail vertabrae.


A horses teeth can be used to estimate it's age.But after 9 years old it gets harder to tell.

Mares usaully have 36 teeth (sometimes up to 40-but is less common). Adult males have 40-44.Which can be several inches long.

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