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The Belgian is a draft horse from the Brabant region of Belgium. Most Belgians are usually flaxen chestnut. Their height is about from 16 hands to 18 hands


History says that Belgians are the most direct decendants from the Great Horse in medival times. In Wabash, Indiana in 1887, the American Association of Importers and Breeders of Belgian Draft Horses was founded to keep track of the Belgians. Until the 1900's Belgians were mainly used as farm horses.

In 1903, the breed got really popular because the Belgium government sent Belgians to the St. Louis World Fair and Chicago's International Livestock Exposition. This made lots of horse people really interested in this draft.

Most huge importers breeded Belgians. When World War 1 started in 1914, all importing stopped. Then, the only people who breeded Belgians were the small farms. But the breeders, however, developed their own kind of Belgian, the Belgian today.


Most of the time, Belgians are flaxen chestnut.

Fun Facts

  • Belgians are the most popular breed of draft horse.
  • In England, they call Friesians the "Belgian Black"
  • Belgians had a major influence on developing the Suffolk Punch, Clydsdale, and Shire.

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