The Andalusian horse comes from Spain.


These great white horses nearly died out after Napoleon's invasion of Spain in the early years of the last century. The breed was only preserved thanks to some Carthusian monks and a family called Zapata, who concealed a few pure-bred Andalusians from the French invaders.


Andalusian's are pure Spanish horses. They are very strongly built and compact. They tend to have a thick mane and tail. Andalusian's are well known and still are used for mounted bull fighting, they were also used as stock horses, especially built to work with Iberian bulls, as they are known for their aggressive temperments. Today they are used for showjumping, dressage and in hand shows (to show off their beauty). Dressage is perfect for them, as they are very graceful. When on the bit, they make an amazing figure.

Spanish Andalusian
SpanishHorseMatters00:24 Spanish Andalusian horse performing Alta Escuela

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